Mi-Zone Close Proximity Alarm to stop people losing gadgets

4 Apr 2012

Mi-Zone Technology Ireland will launch the Mi-Zone Close Proximity Alarm tomorrow which aims to prevent items such as handbags, laptops and keys from being lost.

The tag is a two-way Bluetooth proximity alarm which works with a mobile phone to protect both the phone and another item, such as a handbag or set of keys.

It triggers an alarm once either the tag or mobile moves a particular distance from the other to prevent them from getting lost. The user can programme the distance between the devices to set off the alarm.

It features a 50-hour battery life and has different alert tones.

“The Mi-Zone tag is one of the first Bluetooth Proximity Alarm devices of this type to be developed in Ireland and UK,” said Gary Murphy, Mi-Zone Technology general manager.

“It uses the latest advances in Bluetooth security and has been patented globally. The product, which is 53mm wide and retails at €44.99, is smaller, less expensive and more advanced than previous asset tracking devices on the market.

“Our first production run is 10,000 units, we expect to ramp up to 50,000 and to 75,000 by the summer,” said Murphy.

Murphy said the company will hire an extra five staff to handle sales later in the year and plans to launch the product in the US, Europe and Asia after gaining traction in the UK and Ireland.

The Mi-Zone Close Proximity Alarm will go on sale tomorrow in Harvey Norman, O2, Expert Hardware, Compu b and Click stores.