Microsoft CEO: ‘incredible pipeline of new devices and services’ on the way

20 Jun 2012

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer shows off one of the new Surface devices on Monday night

Microsoft has rediscovered its creative mojo and an “incredible pipeline of new devices and services” are on the way, CEO Steve Ballmer told staff in a memo.

In a memo to employees, Ballmer said the new family of Surface devices complements the work of OEMs and fulfils the Windows 8 vision.

“I love that we have brilliant engineers with brilliant ideas. I love that we aren’t afraid to make big bold bets. I love that we are persistent – after all, its our passion and tenacity that bring our dreams to life. And right now I love how so much of our hard work, passion and tenacity are coming together in the products we are bringing to market,” Ballmer wrote to staff.

Bold bets coming to fruition

He said the new devices’ launch comes on the anniversary of Microsoft’s Skype acquisition, on the heels of the shipping of the Windows 8 Release Preview, after the redesign of Bing and ahead of the upcoming releases of Halo 4, Internet Explorer on Xbox and SmartGlass.

He said in the next few weeks there will be new innovations coming from the Windows Phone division and the Microsoft Office division.

“Our plans are well under way to unleash an incredible pipeline of new devices and services that consumers will love and businesses need. Our work is getting noticed and our customers are excited,” Ballmer said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years