Microsoft puts US$3,000 price-tag on HoloLens, Q1 2016 release

6 Oct 2015

HoloLens promotional image via Microsoft

Microsoft has finally released pricing for its augmented reality (AR) headset, the HoloLens – US$3,000 – aiming for a release in Q1 2016. But only for developers.

With NASA already sending the HoloLens into space for its astronauts, much is being made of the AR headset that is being mooted as a potential leader in the field, ahead of the older and more well-known Google Glass AR headset.

The details were revealed at Microsoft’s product showcase today, with the company saying that this first edition of the HoloLens will be officially called the HoloLens Development Edition, according to Ars Technica.

Developers who are eager to get their hands on the device to begin creating new AR technologies can begin applying to purchase the headset from today, Microsoft says, but this raises further questions about whether it will ever be considered a true consumer product.

HoloLens’s Project X

So far, what is known about the HoloLens is that its hardware will include 2GB RAM with an x86 processor and 60Hz refresh rate, which should give it plenty to work with for AR applications.

Microsoft first revealed details of its HoloLens back in January to much fanfare, with demos provided by Microsoft management showing how the headset could be used to run the Windows operating system through a holographic interface.

Microsoft earlier this year put out a call to academic researchers to apply to use the AR headset to help them develop the technology, with cash prizes and headsets awarded to the best uses of the HoloLens.

Those attending Microsoft’s briefing today managed to see the HoloLens in action once again, this time with Microsoft’s demo game, Project X, which sees the wearer fight off alien robots with a variety of simulated weapons.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic