Microsoft Office iPad app arriving within weeks?

21 Feb 2012

The iPad 2

The Microsoft Office suite may be arriving on the iPad in the next couple of weeks, as reports suggest Microsoft has submitted the app to Apple for approval.

In November, the app was rumoured to cost US$10 on the Apple App Store to compete with Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps, each costing €7.99.

The Daily reports the app interface resembles its OneNote app, but has elements of its Metro design as seen in Windows Phone and the upcoming Windows 8 OS.

The Microsoft Office app reportedly allows Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to be created locally and online. It’s uncertain if Microsoft will support other Office apps from launch or in the future.

The launch date hasn’t been confirmed, however, as the app has been submitted for approval it could be released within the next number of weeks. The report also suggests that an Android version of the Office app is not in production.

Microsoft has previously launched other iPad apps, such as Bing and MSN OnPoint.