Microsoft Office to arrive on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

23 May 2012

Microsoft Office is expected to launch on iOS and Android tablet computers and smartphones as well as the iPad in November. Rumours have been circulating that Microsoft Office would arrive as an iPad app later this year.

The productivity software is predicted to go on sale in app stores for around US$10 per app.

According to Boy Genius Reports, the world will also be getting an Android version of Microsoft Office that will run on smartphones and tablet computers.

This will make the fourth quarter of this year a very interesting time for Microsoft.

Not only is it bringing out its next signature operating system, Windows 8, but the operating system will be designed to work on a range of tablet and personal computing devices, including ARM devices.

Bringing out a tablet version of a premium product like Microsoft Office for tablet devices and smartphone devices on rival platforms signals a broad future for the software giant’s products. And a pretty mature vision, too.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years