Microsoft on the attack: PC v Mac

10 Aug 2010

If you’re having trouble deciding between a PC or a Mac for your next desktop or notebook purchase perhaps Microsoft can help you decide … to step away from the Mac.

The Redmond-based company has had to withstand quite a lot of flak from the Apple trendsters over the years with those Get a Mac ads where the Apple guy (actor Justin Long) makes the PC guy appear frumpy and stuffy.

Apple even released three new ads on the day Windows 7 launched! Meow.

Microsoft is getting its own back by hosting a website that points out all the options you can choose from on a PC that a Mac simply does not have.

Some pretty valid points are listed: it is compatible with more software and hardware (to my disappointment several smartphones and their bundled software don’t work with a Mac), you can choose from many different colours and sizes, and it has Blu-ray.

Okay, so you can buy some decals, stick to the iPhone and use BootCamp but … hmm … well don’t go buying Macs blindly because you’re an Apple fanboy, make an informed decision. Or buy one of each if you’re insanely tech obsessed.

Oh, and did you notice Microsoft’s simple claim about PCs: “They just work.” Didn’t Steve Jobs say that before?