Microsoft reveals new Windows 8 mice and keyboards

30 Jul 2012

Sculpt Mobile Keyboard from Microsoft Hardware

Microsoft has today given a taste of what’s in store for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system in terms of new hardware devices such as mice and keyboards.

The company said that four of the devices are Bluetooth-enabled and pocket-sized and have been specifically designed for mobile and for Windows 8.

So what can one expect? Well, Microsoft will be unleashing two new Bluetooth-enabled keyboards and mice to the market before the general release date of the new Windows 8 operating system on 26 October.

The new devices will include the Wedge Touch Mouse, the Wedge Mobile Keyboard, the Sculpt Touch Mouse and the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard.

Microsoft is also preparing to release updated Windows 8 gestures for the Microsoft Touch Mouse. The new mouse will go on sale for US$79.95.

The Sculpt Mobile Keyboard

Microsoft appears to have designed the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard with tablet and laptop users in mind, especially when they are on the move. The keyboard is less than three-quarters of an inch thick, plus it features a layout that Microsoft is terming ‘Comfort Curve’. This means the keyset will have a slight bend; a design that Microsoft believes will encourage a more “natural” typing posture.

The keyboard will also have built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity, according to the company, to free up USB ports. Weighing in at one pound, Microsoft said the keyboard would cost US$49.95.

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

The Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

The Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse will retail at US$69.95 apparently. The pocket-sized mouse is also Bluetooth-enabled and Microsoft said it will feature BlueTrack technology – meaning it can be used on almost any surface.

The mouse’s ‘backpack’ mode feature also means it will power down and sleep along with the computer it is lined up with, said Microsoft.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard with cover

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard with cover

The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard (US$79.95) has been designed for use with a tablet, according to the company. The keyboard features Windows 8 Hot Key, media keys, Bluetooth technology and a cover that converts into a tablet stand.

Sculpt Touch Mouse

Sculpt Touch Mouse

The Sculpt Touch Mouse

The Sculpt Touch Mouse will retail at US$49.95. Microsoft said it had been “finely tuned” for use with Windows 8, which will be available in 109 languages across 231 markets worldwide when it launches at the end of October.

Apparently all of the above-mentioned products will soon be available on the online Microsoft Store and via other retailers.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic