Microsoft to launch Windows 8 in October?

20 Mar 2012

Microsoft will reportedly launch Windows 8 this October as it plans to finish work on its newest operating system this summer.

Bloomberg reports Microsoft sources said Windows 8 will roll out onto devices running both Intel and ARM chips. There will be fewer than five Windows 8 ARM devices when it launches, compared to more than 40 Intel devices.

By launching it in October, devices with the new operating system will tackle Christmas shoppers looking for new tablets and laptops.

Microsoft may host an event for industry partners in early April in order to reveal its release strategy and give more details on timing and marketing.

Windows 8 marks an ambitious new redesign of Microsoft’s operating system which is targeting both PCs and tablets. It features live tile icons, touch-first browsing and full-screen apps.

A consumer preview of Windows 8 was launched last month which experienced more than 1m downloads in one day after launch.