Microsoft to unveil ‘Woodstock’ music service at E3 2012?

26 Apr 2012

Microsoft may reveal a new cross-platform music service to replace its Zune software – code named ‘Woodstock’ – during the E3 2012 games conference in June.

The Verge reports that the new service will be playable from a browser across a number of platforms, such as Windows 8, Android, iOS and Xbox consoles.

It reportedly won’t need browser plug-ins and could include Facebook integration to let friends build playlists and share tracks, similar to that of cloud music service Spotify.

It could also scan the user’s existing music library and identify it within the service.

The music service may replace Microsoft’s Zune brand, though existing Zune Pass subscribers should be able to keep their subscription to migrate to the new service. Microsoft stopped producing Zune music players late last year and asked customers to move from dedicated music devices to using Zune software on other platforms, such as Windows Phones, Xbox consoles and Windows PCs.

Microsoft may reveal the new music service during major video games conference E3, which takes place in Los Angeles from 5-7 June. It could launch later in the year to coincide with the releases of its updated OS Windows 8 and upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices.