Microsoft unveil the Chromecast-esque Wireless Display Adapter

24 Sep 2014


Following the runaway success of Google’s Chromecast device, Microsoft have become the latest developer to enter the HDMI Dongle arena.

Like the Chromecast, the rather unimaginatively named ‘Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter’ allows a tablet or phone to stream audio and video directly to a HDTV, monitor or projector. Unlike Google’s offering, however, the device is equipped with Miracast technology, so it won’t limit users to certain apps or content streaming, nor does it require an internet connection to operate.

Linking in with Microsoft’s Office range, the company’s product annoucement also highlighted the adapter’s ability to display Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on a big screen.

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is currently available to pre-order and will set North Americans back $59.95 – expensive when compared to Google’s $35 option. 

A demonstration video can be viewed below. An potential Irish release of the product has yet to be announced.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic