Microsoft unveils Windows 10 Music app, looks exactly like Spotify

26 May 2015

Microsoft predicts its new Windows 10 operating system will run on 1bn devices within three years

Microsoft has posted a screenshot of its new Windows 10 Music app, which appears to have taken significant inspiration from Spotify.

The image has appeared on an Xbox support page and shows a darker theme than previous iterations, which coupled with the round thumbnail images and positioning of the toolbars, looks suspiciously like the Sweden-based streaming service.

As pointed out by The Verge, Microsoft previously included a glimpse of the software with its Windows 10 Technical Preview. Though that looked largely unchanged from Windows 8, black and white themes are expected to be the main colour options once the operating system comes out this summer.

The support page also notes that those using the Windows 10 Technical Preview will need to search for “Music Preview” by name in the Store to access the app. The standard Music app will remain installed until the updated version is ready to go.

Though there is no solid release date, rumour has it that Windows 10 will be released in late July. Microsoft predicts the operating system will run on 1bn devices within three years. Last month it was revealed that Xbox Music and Xbox Video would be renamed Music and Video by Microsoft.

A glimpse at Microsoft's new music and video app for Windows 10

A glimpse at Microsoft’s new music and video app for Windows 10

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic