Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console to be revealed on 21 May

8 Apr 2013

Microsoft is now expected to unveil its next-generation console on 21 May, just ahead of the influential E3 games conference in June. The software giant had originally planned to unveil the console in April.

According to reports by The Verge and tech blogger Paul Thurrott, the new Xbox has been code-named ‘Durango’ and will get a partial reveal at a press conference on 21 May followed by a full reveal to the world at E3.

The new console is expected to launch to market just before Christmas, in keeping with the October/November launch time frame that is typical for new consoles and top games titles.

Microsoft is also planning to begin selling a US$99 Xbox 360 code-named Stingray before the end of the year.

Last week, a controversy emerged when a senior Microsoft executive took it upon himself to respond to rumours that the new Xbox will only work with always-on internet connections.

Microsoft’s head of Creative Studios Adam Orth took to Twitter asking why there was drama over the always-on speculation and urged fans to “deal with it.”

Microsoft’s well-oiled PR machine whipped into action and issued an official apology.

It also reminded employees that all communications about the next-generation console must remain confidential.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years