Microsoft’s peripheral vision

23 Sep 2010

Technology giant Microsoft reveals how the humble computer mouse has changed forever.

Arc Touch Mouse

The Arc Touch Mouse is made for comfort and portability. It features a slim, collapsible design – users can flatten the mouse to make it
more portable and then pop it up when they want to use it. It has an ambidextrous mouse to suit both left and right-handed users, plus Blue-Track Technology, making it usable on almost any surface.

The Arc Touch Mouse features a touch scroll strip, as opposed to a physical scroll wheel, which allows users to scroll by flicking and allows them customise touch buttons.

The mouse works with the computer via the nano transceiver, a tiny device that can be plugged into any USB port on a computer. The transceiver also adds to the mouse’s portable design. The device attaches magnetically underneath the mouse, which can help prevent owners from losing it.

The Arc Touch Mouse is available from 27 October and costs €69.99.


LifeCam Studio

The LifeCam Studio offers users 1,080p high-definition widescreen video on a webcam. It can rotate by 360 degrees, comes with ClearFrame Technology, which processes detailed video even in low lighting conditions, and includes auto focus, which adjusts to images quickly for the best result. Its design includes an elongated hood to protect the lens from catching stray light, avoiding washed-out colours.

The LifeCam Studio is optimised for the latest updates of Windows Live. It allows users to begin a movie project with Windows Live Movie Player with one click and from there, upload the video to social networking sites. It can connect to Windows Live Photo Gallery in order to tag and share photos and provides HD video chats with Windows Live Messenger 2011.

A beta of these updated services is available on Microsoft’s website for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. It can be also be used with video calling software, such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).

The LifeCam Studio will be available in early 2011 for €99.99.



LifeCam HD 5000

The LifeCam HD 5000 provides 720p HD-quality video. It includes an auto focus to quickly adjust to images on screen and also has a 16:9 widescreen mode for cinematic video recording.

The camera offers TrueColor Technology for the best colour conditions and is optimised for Windows Live programmes. It works with video messengers, such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! and AIM.

The LifeCam HD 5000 costs €59.99 and is out now.


LifeCam HD 6000N

The LifeCam HD 6000N has 720p HD-quality video and includes auto focus. It is designed with laptops in mind, rotating 180 degrees in both directions for an all-around view.

The LifeCam HD 6000N is optimised for Windows Live and works with messengers, such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! and AIM.

The camera features True-Color Technology, which delivers bright video in almost all lighting conditions. It also includes a protective carrying case with the camera.

The LifeCam HD 6000N costs €59.99 and is out now.