MOBILE MAY: Look what you can win!

16 May 2011

You could win the new Nokia N8 smartphone or free WiMax broadband for one year from Imagine.

Readers of Mobile May have the unique chance to win a raft of great prizes, such as the Nokia N8 and a year of free WiMax broadband.

The Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 introduces a 12-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash and a large sensor.

Additionally, the Nokia N8 offers the ability to make HD-quality videos and edit them with an intuitive built-in editing suite.

The Nokia N8 is Nokia’s first device to be integrated with Qt, a software development environment that simplifies the development and makes it possible to build applications once and deploy across Symbian and other software platforms.

Enter now for your chance to win a Nokia N8 smartphone.

Free WiMax broadband for one year

Imagine’s WiMax aims to be better than other internet service providers by delivering easy, high-speed internet.

Imagine is the first company to bring WiMax, a 4G wireless technology, to Ireland. The company dedicates bandwidth on its WiMax network to phone and internet services, so we guarantee to give you a reliable, quality service in your home.

The power of WiMax is its potential to erase previous broadband black spots. At the moment, cable and phone companies can’t afford to run wires into remote locations, which means WiMax is replacing DSL and cable services because it can be rolled out anywhere.

Enter now for your chance to win free WiMax broadband for one year.

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