Modu T: world’s lightest touch phone

14 Jul 2010

It’s smaller than a credit card and the lightest touchscreen phone in the world, according to the Guinness World Records – the Modu T is tiny but seemingly packed with features.

The Modu T phone has just been announced so it’s not available yet, but its manufacturer promises a tiny touchscreen phone with a music player, 2GB of storage, and the option for expandable memory.

The user interface is widget-based and the phone comes in two versions: 3.5G and 2.75G.

Modu has also announced the availability of the Modu 1 modular phone in the UK some time next year, with other Western European countries to follow. The phone has already launched in Israel and will be on sale in the Philippines this August.

The Modu 1 is modular, which means it slots into specially-designed add-ons to give it extra or different functionality. One of the add-ons is a ‘sports jacket’ that holds the phone (which has earned the title of world’s lightest phone) in an arm band and turns it into a workout-monitoring and music-playing fitness accessory.

The Modu photo frame turns the phone into a desktop digital phone frame, from which you can take handsfree calls using the phone’s keypad as a remote control for flicking through pictures.

There are also several other cases and add-ons that focus on the phone as a music player or dress it up for a more dramatic look.

modu 1 phone

The Modu 1 in sports mode