Motorola offers ‘digital tattoo’ to unlock phones

24 Jul 2014

Motorola is attempting to bring wearable tech to another level with the development of a ‘digital tattoo’ that will unlock your phone after tapping the device off your wrist.

The project will give Motorola users a thin adhesive sticker based on VivaLnk’s eSkinTM technology and near field communication (NFC) that will supposedly last for five days with one application, even when it’s put through its paces during showering or taking part in sports.

Motorola is obviously attempting to tap into a generation that has become particularly impatient when it comes to devices and reaction times by citing the fact the average user takes 2.3 seconds to unlock a phone 39 times a day or just under two minutes in total.

So far, the tattoos sold via the VivaLnk website only work on Motorola’s Moto X handset and come in a pack of 10 for US$10.

The digital tattoo producers have said they will now be looking to expand the service to other Android devices that will be capable of running the NFC technology, with no word on whether a similar service would ever be coming to Apple or Windows Phone.