Motorola to provide mobile video streaming in homes

2 Dec 2010

Motorola Mobility is planning to provide a product to let users stream video to tablet computers and phones in their homes.

According to Reuters, Daniel Moloney, president of Motorola Mobile, said the unnamed product will be a first step for the company to fuse set-top box and mobile phone technology in order to let users view any content anywhere on other devices in the next few years.

While this technology exists, there is the issue of where manufacturers of such equipment need to make agreements with programming providers in order to let users access this content.

As such, this product will only send video to devices used in the home. Moloney said that content outside the home would take a lot longer.

Motorola Mobile also plans to eventually integrate the product with set-top boxes after it has been sold separately.

The offering will be shown at the Consumer Electronics show at the start of the new year, right after Motorola Mobile splits with the parent company.