Mozy app brings data backup to iOS and Android devices

26 Jul 2011

Individuals and businesses who want to retrieve data backed up from their home or office PC or server onto their smartphone or tablets can do so with new iOS and Android apps built by EMC-owned online backup provider Mozy.

The company today launched a new set of apps for the platforms that will make it easy and secure to access data via iOS, Android or internet-enabled devices from anywhere.

Under the new structure, users will be able to securely log into Mozy from any device with web access to preview or download files.

Using their iPhone or Android smartphones, users will be able to securely access backed-up files from their mobile devices, including photo previewing, file download and file sharing.

Users will also be able to access more powerful searching, one-click download, 30-day version viewing and consolidated file transfer for faster restores.

Mozy’s Claire Galbois told “The main purpose of the apps will be to allow people access their backed-up information from other connected devices, not just a laptop or desktop computer.

“It will suit ordinary users who want to have their digital lifestyle safely and securely accessible at any time, anywhere.”

Mozy has more than 3m users worldwide, including 70,000 businesses who use it to back up their data.

Business use for Mozy apps

“The apps will suit people in the business world who travel a lot, for example, and businesses and IT administrators can have control of who they allow access to.

“They can also control who can or can’t back up certain types of files,” Galbois said.

She said the new apps are available for download now from the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

Photo: Mozy’s Claire Galbois

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years