Naas Credit Union pioneers new smartphone same-day money transfer system

16 Nov 2012

Naas Credit Union manager Sean Murray with Ruth Griffin and Pippa O'Connor, whom we are told are customers of the credit union

Naas Credit Union has rolled out a new range of smartphone apps that allow users to send cash via iPhone and Android mobile devices or via their web browsers anywhere in the world.

The Credit Union has partnered with Wellington IT Solutions to introduce a range of ‘CU’ products, which include a cuAnywhere smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices, and a cuOnline web service which provides immediate, real-time access to accounts from anywhere in the world.

“By embracing technology in this way, we are further enhancing our members’capabilities to engage in same-day money transfer services in an efficient and transparent manner,” manager of Naas Credit Union Sean Murray explained.

“Whether this is by logging onto the web, downloading our mobile app or simply walking into the office, we are ensuring that Naas Credit Union remains at the forefront of banking and financial services in Co Kildare,” Murray said.

It has been predicted that 530m people will be accessing their banking via mobile devices by 2013, rising to 894m by 2015.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years