Nanotech gadget suit is a must-have in geek chic

14 Aug 2008

Death metal t-shirts, beards, ponytails and sneakers used to be the lot of the much-maligned nerd. But from today, suave techies can cut a dashing, more refined figure in a sleek, tailored gadget suit that can block out Bluetooth hackers and shield the body from radiation.

The new range of Inspector Gadget tailoring – entitled the Novonics E-blocker line – is being introduced to department stores and gents outfitters by Remus Uomo.

Like most wool-mix travel suits, the E-blocker range is crease and stain resistant, but is termed by Remus Uomo as the last word in functional fashion.

The suit’s pocket lining is made from specially coated yarn that forms an electromagnetic barrier to fend off mobile phone and Bluetooth rays.

Remus Uomo spokesperson, Sam Livingstone, said it can appeal to two distinct groups of people – health-conscious types who fear the effects of mobile phone radiation on their body and security conscious individuals who either don’t wish to be contactable or fear they might be Blue-jacked via Bluetooth-wielding data thieves.

The E-blocker suit – which is washable, breathable and is available in black, navy, charcoal, silver grey and beige – uses a form of nanotechnology that blocks up to 99.9pc of direct radiation without affecting the phone’s performance.

The nanotechnology performance of the material, Livingstone said, has been confirmed by the University of the Armed Forces in Munich’s Department of High Frequency, Microwave and Radar Technology, plus the Klaus Steilmann Institute.

The suit can be purchased at flagship Remus Uomo stores in Belfast and Derry, as well as from a wide array of men’s stores in the Republic and Northern Ireland, including Arnotts, Best Menswear, Diffneys, McElhinneys and McKenna Man.

“People who are conscious of the impact of radiation on their body will find this ideal, the material is designed to stop rays penetrating your body, so as well as techies, it is ideal for health-conscious people.

“Also, for private individuals, because of the material, when the phone’s in the pocket it won’t ring,” Livingstone said.

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Model wearing a suit from the Novonics E-blocker line by Remus Uomo

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years