Nearly 40pc of computer users have cursed at their PCs – survey

11 Feb 2011

Thirty-nine per cent of people worldwide have cursed at their computers, whereas 9pc have taken it a step further and hit their PCs with an object, such as a bat or a fist, a recent survey by IT security expert Avira suggests.

Another 11pc of survey respondents said they wished for a catastrophe to befall their PCs during moments of frustration and 3pc have taken it upon themselves to instigate that catastrophe by picking up a computer and smashing it to the ground or against another object.

However, 39pc of survey respondents have also admitted to never yelling at their computers during moments of frustration.

“I think the funny aspect to this question is that an equal number of people curse at their PCs versus being nice to them,” said Elisabeth Rothbart, PR manager, Avira.

“There is probably some anger-management factoid in the results some place, but we’ll worry about the PC side of things. I don’t recommend violence of any sort toward computers or anything else, but I can relate to the feelings of frustration.”

Avria questioned its more than 100m customers worldwide for the survey.