New alarm clock app acts ‘as personal psychologist’

22 Sep 2010

iFit Technologies has developed a powerful personal alarm clock app for mobiles, which the company claims comes with “your own personal psychologist.”

Sleep Science Alarm uses high-tech monitoring technology and complex sleep fatigue algorithms to determine all the user’s sleeping stages and wakes them at the most optimal time to ensure the user is refreshed.

It also comes with a built-in iPsychologist, which iFit Technologies claims is “like having your own personal psychologist with you seven days a week.”

“Most people are aware these days of the enormous power of self talk or auto suggestion as a tool for both positive and potentially catastrophic physical and mental health outcomes,” said Brett Galbraith, founder of iFit Technologies.

“Just watch some of the TV talk shows and you will hear about the power of positive self talk and how mindsets and your physical health can be totally changed by how you speak to yourself.”

Psychologist work on app

The app was created with the help of a psychologist and includes a comprehensive range of “sessions” to help users improve their life as opposed to making it through each day.

Users can record their own voices over each session which allows them to give themselves positive messages.

“One of the exciting things we discovered when developing this product was the feedback we got from the medical community,” said Galbraith.

“Sleep disorders of one sort or another are experienced by over 30pc of a Western culture and are one of the most common issues dealt with by medical practitioners.

“The biggest problem doctors face is determining the accuracy of their patients’ self assessment when it comes to their sleeping patterns and then determining the best course of action based on fairly unreliable data,” he said.

Galbraith said this app can help doctors keep track of a patient’s sleep patterns with the advanced statistics, detailing their REM sleep and sleep stages.

Other features of the app includes the ability to record date-specific messages around birthdays and a torch feature to prevent users who wake up in the middle of the night from turning on lights.

Sleep Science Alarm also has a simulated sunrise, letting the phone light up minutes before your alarm to naturally increase the user’s cortisol levels for a more natural awakening.

It is available for the iPhone through the Apple App Store or through iTunes.