New iMac and MacBook Pro releases predicted

24 May 2007

Wall Street analyst Gene Munster has predicted that Apple will reveal both a new iMac and new MacBook Pro at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWCD)in San Francisco on 11 June.

Already Apple plan to show a feature-complete version of the new Mac OS X Leopard and will be giving attendees a beta copy to take home with them.

Munster predicts that the new operating system will be showcased on a MacBook Pro with a new backlight LED display, provided by Cree, a company specialising in this kind of technology.

Apple is known for its frequent updates of its line of professional notebooks, updating them on average every 182 days, said Munster. However the most recent generation was 209 days ago.

Likewise, the iMac gets updated every 168 days on average but currently is 257 days old. Time for a change maybe, and the most obvious venue to introduce this change is the WWCD.

The new iMac is rumoured to have received a complete facelift after Apple hired award-winning designer Jonathan Ive to work on it.

Munster dismissed rumours that the iPhone would be launched at this conference, saying that most likely a separate event in late June would be the venue.

The iPhone will be sold in conjunction with US telecoms giant AT&T on a post-paid or monthly bill plan.

However, the rumour mill is buzzing with options of pay-as-you go and hybrid payment plans after a screenshot purporting to be from AT&T was circulated on the net, showing these details.

By Marie Boran