New Kindle: faster, cheaper, lighter, sleeker

29 Jul 2010

Amazon has introduced a new version of its Kindle e-book reader. This latest generation is not only less expensive than the previous models, but also faster at refreshing pages and 15pc lighter.

So here’s the lowdown: it is not being named the Kindle 3, simply the Kindle. It is 15pc lighter than the Kindle 2 and takes up less space, being 7.5 x 4.8 x .34 inches in comparison to its predecessor’s 8 x 5.3 x .36 inches.

Amazon claims that the new Kindle’s e-ink screen has 50pc better contrast than any other e-book reader on the market and improvements include 20pc faster page turns than before, as well as up to one month of battery life.

There is now double the storage with the ability to hold up to 3,500 books (like the Kindle DX) and the Kindle now comes in two colours, the original one and a new graphite shade.

Amazon has made a strategic decision to lower the price of the Kindle device. The Wi-Fi only model will retail at US$139 while the Wi-Fi plus (free) 3G model will cost US$189.

They are both available for pre-order right now from the Amazon website and will start shipping to more than 140 countries from 27 August.