New online platform for people to rant to their hearts’ content

22 Mar 2012

Feel like having a bit of rant? Something irking you? Well, a new website should help you along quite nicely. With the tagline ‘De-Stressing the Nation!’ is aiming to be a new forum where people can vent their woes using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jon Connolly and Niall Cassin are the co-founders of the site, which launched on Tuesday.

The duo said they set up as an online platform for people to give out, give advice or to let off a bit of steam, be it about the Irish Government’s household charge, or a bad experience someone might have had with a company.

Cassin, who works in financial services, said he and Connolly, a web designer, initially came up with the idea for the site three months ago and it took off from there.

“There are so many people stressed right now that we thought it would be a good place for people to talk about something that’s bothering them,” said Cassin.

With people generally using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to blather on about something that’s bothering them, could prove to be a new online meeting place for some social commentary. Once you post a rant other members can give you the thumbs up or the thumbs down, as well as comment and reply.

Rants on the new site range from complaints about a Vodafone doorstep rep, to the price of bicycles in Ireland.

Cassin and Connolly said they would also be mediating the site, so it appears that any offensive rants will be removed.

You have to become a member of the site and create a profile before you can start ranting. People can log in via Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn or Yahoo!

You can also report rants, plus rants will be automatically deleted after a few days, said Cassin.

He said the idea is to start off small and to grow the site organically, possibly also reaching out to Irish expats who may also have somehing on their mind and who want to share their thoughts with the online community.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic