New suite of iPods set to be released – iPod Touch upgraded

15 Jul 2015

The rumoured new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle, via 9to5mac

Following the release of iTunes 12.2 last month, rumours grew that Apple would be bringing out a new raft of iPods, with both cosmetic changes and technological upgrades set for release.

The iTunes 12.2 launch saw a subtle shift in that, when people plugged in an iPod for the first time, an image (shown above) of a dark blue iPod Touch, gold iPod Nano and a pink iPod Shuffle appeared.

None of these currently exist, leading many to presume they were set for release. Those presumptions appear to ring true, with a release later on today expected.

According to 9to5mac, both the Nano and Shuffle will change merely in colour, but the Touch is due a significant upgrade.

The camera on the device will jump from 5mpx to 8mpx (the same as on an iPhone 6) and it will house a new 64-bit chip to process graphics far better.

The Touch will also include a ‘M’ chip from the iPhone for fitness tracking, pre-loaded iOS 8.4 and Apple Music and come in sizes up to 128GB.

Meanwhile, MacRumours suggests that the death of the iPad mini is upon us, following stock leaks from Target. Replenishment of existing stock is currently constrained, with Target aiming to have one colour in stock at each of its stores.

“Dwindling in-store stock suggests Apple could be planning to discontinue the iPad mini 2 and the iPad Air following the release of new models, which is expected to happen in the fall.”

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic