New Xbox 360 and PS3 models rumoured

10 Jul 2008

While the Xbox 360 elite boasts a sturdy 120GB hard drive, those opting for the less expensive standard version of the Xbox must make do with 20GB of storage. But not for long if the rumour mill is turning in the right direction, with reports suggesting Microsoft may soon bump this up to a 60GB hard drive.

According to gaming news site, a leaked email allegedly intended for Gamestop and Blockbuster buyers gives details of the new machine.

This email refers to a probable release date of late October or 1 November for the 60GB Xbox and a recommended retail price of US$99. This price is said to include a 60GB hard drive with a 360 headset, 360 Ethernet cable and three months subscription to Xbox Live.

Not only this but the email claims that along with the new 60GB model, the price of the 120GB Elite will drop to US$149.99.

Is it thought this new model will be unveiled by Microsoft at the forthcoming E3 gaming conference on 16 July.

The 40GB Sony PlayStation 3 is also rumoured to be getting the chop according to Engadget – the lower end version of the PS3 gaming console will be ‘replaced with a new model in early August’, according to a Wal-Mart order form.

The 40GB PS3 is not on the market very long, so, as Engadget points out, the new model may not necessarily be bumped up to 60GB or 80GB but rather have some new addition or a fresh redesign.

While the hardcore gamers will be on the edge of their seats awaiting news of these possible console upgrades, Apple iPhone fans are crossing their fingers for an early opening of the iTunes Apps store. This could open for business at 5pm US time tomorrow, instead of at the same time as the Friday morning launch of the 3G iPhone.

The Apps Store will have official third-party applications including productivity tools and casual games that make use of the handset’s motion sensitive accelerometer.

By Marie Boran