Next Windows Phone update features revealed

9 May 2011

Windows Phone 7’s next major update will bring turn-by-turn navigation, Bing Audio to identify music and Bing Vision to search objects by scanning them.

The next update, called Mango, will upgrade Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 7.5, bringing a huge batch of new features.

Bing Audio will let users search for music using their phone and, like mobile app Shazam, will let users hold their phone up to a song to identify it.

Mango will also introduce Bing Vision, letting users search by scanning barcodes, Microsoft tags, QR codes, books, CDs, DVDs, other products and text.

There will be turn-by-turn navigation with Bing Maps and Windows Phone devices will now have on-device podcast support.

There will also be a voice feature which reads text messages out loud to the user.

The Mango update will introduce true multitasking, Internet Explorer 9 and Twitter integration. It is expected to come to Windows Phone devices by late autumn.