NFC Android ticketing app to challenge Ticketmaster

29 Jul 2011

A Dublin tech firm has unveiled the world’s first NFC-based contactless event ticketing app for Google Android devices and intends to reinvent the concert and sports venue experience with cashless ticketing and content delivery.

TicketFriend, an events ticketing, promotion and management technology firm, has launched the first end-to-end mobile near field communications (NFC) ticketing system based on the Google Android OS for smartphones.

With one in five new phones to have NFC built in by 2015, TicketFriend is leading its deployment in the event promotions industry. The system delivers cashless ticketing with just an NFC-enabled mobile phone. It eliminates the need for tags on your phone or new device readers.

The TicketFriend service is in trials with a number of promoters and is due to be rolled out for general release in Q3 of 2011. You can watch a video of TicketFriend in action here.

NFC to make concert experience more affordable?

TicketFriend CEO Liam Rabbit says it is the first m-commerce application of its kind built specifically for Google’s Android operating system.

“The TicketFriend solution makes the consumer experience easier, as well as cheaper than rival ticketing options. The best way to build sustainable revenue in events is to tap into customer loyalty, reduce cost and to provide more revenue options beyond the sale of the ticket.”

Using TicketFriend, promoters can target event-goers with customised deals and, in return, consumers get convenient ticketing, event access, and ability to interact with other event goers though TicketFriend’s integration with social media channels and tools.

The TicketFriend platform allows promoters to set up, promote, and manage events from within a single technology ecosystem.

It provides an efficient payments and loyalty platform for event ticketing and management.

The TicketFriend NFC app has been built for the Google Nexus S with in-built NFC and the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years