Nintendo 3DS gets major system update

7 Dec 2011

Nintendo is rolling out a system update for its latest portable console, the Nintendo 3DS, which will let users capture 3D video, access new StreetPass Quests and transfer content from console to console.

The new update will allow users to record up to 10 minutes of 3D video using the console’s cameras. It now features new filming options, such as the interval shot for shooting time-lapsed footage and frame pick for shooting stop-motion footage.

New features have been added to StreetPass, the service which lets users exchange game data, such as Mii characters and high scores to others nearby. There are now new StreetPass Quests and new features to the StreetPass Mii Plaza.

Users will be able to transfer content across Nintendo 3DS consoles, including software from the Nintendo eShop, account funds and save data. There are a number of restrictions to this – up to five transfers are permitted and there will be a waiting period applied between each transfer. Content can’t be exchanged between systems with different region or country settings.

The Nintendo eShop will now give users the ability to play demos of upcoming releases for the Nintendo 3DS. They can also download content from the store while the console is in sleep mode.