No Apple tablet device for September event

19 Aug 2009

As Apple’s September event approaches there is no doubt that some sort of product announcement will happen, but this will most likely be a refresh for an existing device rather than the introduction of the much-talked about Apple tablet.

How do we know this? Firstly, the timeline between rumours of something this big and its actual release is usually longer and secondly, AllThingsD, who seem to have reliable sources in the know, say that the tablet is not earmarked for release until 2010.

So what can we expect at Apple’s September event? There’s almost a certainty that iTunes 9 will bring an overhaul in the form of social networking integration.

Not much details on this one beyond what voracious Apple rumour/news site BoyGeniusReport has speculated: real-time tweeting/Facebook updates on what music you’re listening to. I suspect it will be a bit more exciting than this.

Oh, and Blu-ray drives will probably be coming to the next refresh of the Mac lineup.

Anything else? Almost forgot, Steve Jobs will most likely be making his first public appearance since his recovery and return to the helm.

Pictured above: Artist’s rendering of the Apple tabelet, courtesy of