No games for Irish App Store customers

14 Jul 2008

While not all of us are going to rush out to buy the latest 3G iPhone from Apple, the newly launched App Store with applications for both the original and the 3G-enabled iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch, has a broader appeal. However, a crucial segment – gaming – is conspicuously absent from the Irish iTunes store.

It seems as though UK users do not have the same quantity of applications overall in comparison to the US but they do have a games section. Meanwhile, no games for the Irish even though the Super Monkey Ballgame is displayed on the front of the new iPhone at

Well, there is one game available to Ireland – a kids games called Mr Shuffle, which is quite like Mr Potatohead.

Another application Apple is prominently advertising on the front of the Irish version of its store is the location-based social networking service Loopt – again something that appears to be unavailable to the Irish market.

This region-restrictive behaviour which leads to lack of content for the Irish market is nothing new. In February, BBC announced its foray into iTunes with shows like Spooks, the Mighty Boosh, Robin Hood and Little Britain available for download but this service was only available to UK residents.

An Apple customer and user of the MacRumours member’s forum voices their opinion: “There isn’t even a message saying Games – coming soon! No official press release, nothing!

“It looks like Apple just isn’t interested in offering us the same service as it does its US customers,” said roboc99.

But don’t despair! There are still some cool apps which are free to download, including Remote which syncs your iPhone or iPod Touch with your iTunes library and lets you use your handset as a remote control.

While there has been no official Apple statement that the company will not be providing games for Irish App Store users at this time, the disclaimer on the Apple Ireland App Store page does say: “Some applications are not available in all areas.”
iTunes customer, Tony Reilly, told that he contacted Apple in the US concerning the absence of games and said he received this response: “I am sorry, but at this time it looks like Ireland’s store will not be carrying games. This may change in the future, but at this time I cannot tell you when this might change.”

By Marie Boran

Pictured: Screenshot of Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone