No idea how to code? Well, now you can make Windows 10 apps

2 Nov 2015

With interest in creating Windows 10 apps appearing to be minimal, Microsoft is casting its net as wide as possible by updating its creator to allow people to create apps from a web browser, without any coding knowledge.

The Windows 10 App Studio has been updated to help get people started on developing their own apps, following Windows’ admission last August that there were far too many fake apps on the Windows 10 store.

However, according to Engadget, the variety of apps and design implementations available will hardly set the world on fire, with a few basic templates and the ability to insert a web page into an app.

The codeless program also allows for using APIs from some of the web’s biggest sites and services, including YouTube, Flickr and Twitter.

Until now, anyone looking to create a Windows app would have at least required a bit of coding knowledge, and access to the Visual Studio program, which would likely rule out quite a few would-be coders.

This simplification of the app-building process has come in the face of the seemingly insurmountable challenge faced by Windows of getting any sort of market stake among the might of iOS and Android developers.

Last year, Microsoft rolled out the capabilities for porting of iOS and Android apps on to Windows as well as the Universal app system that united all Windows apps into one single-layered unit.

Windows button image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic