Nokia app teaches the Irish their own national anthem – karaoke style!

17 Sep 2009

It’s a common enough site in the pubs up and down Ireland and at the end of a Saturday night. Emotional grown men, faces red from Guinness and with moist eyes, passionately bellow out the national anthem Amhran na Bhfiann.

But did you ever ask yourself, how many of them actually know the words or are just mumbling along. Like sex in 1960s Ireland, the subject is taboo and you just don’t ask anyone.

But that’s about to change. Mobile giant Nokia, in conjunction with Gaelchultúr, have launched an application where you can learn the words of the Soldier’s Song on your Nokia handset.

Users can log on to to download this karaoke-style application for free!

Are you embarrassed that you don’t know the national anthem in English, let alone in Irish? Are you one of the many people who stand in the crowd at sports events, miming the nation’s favourite song because you don’t know the words – Olé Olé is not the national anthem!

You can now learn the national anthem in a fun, funky way with friends and family.

The application will teach you the words line by line, by following the highlighted Irish text, while the English translation is featured underneath.

Dublin firm Gaelchultúr was established in 2004 with the aim of promoting the Irish language and various aspects of Irish culture including music, song and dance, throughout Ireland. Who knows? Maybe they’re working on an app that will teach us Irish dancing.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Nokia, with Gaelchultúr, have launched an application that teaches the Irish national anthem on Nokia handsets.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years