Nokia patent reveals rotating keypad

23 Mar 2007

Nokia have filed with the US patent office for a mobile device that includes a rotating alphanumeric keypad.

The number pad rotates 90 degrees to line up with the QWERTY keyboard which slides out from under the main screen.

The patent, filed just yesterday by the inventors, Esa Kemppinen and Eronen Pasi of Nokia, details that “the main body element may be constructed with an arrangement of keys to carry out an intended function such as a QWERTY keyboard”.

It also describes a second panel, the number pad, that “is arranged for rotational movement on the main body element parallel to the plane of the main body element first surface”.

Although Nokia already have the 9500 Communicator which had a full keyboard and large screen, this mobile device must be closed over to make calls, leaving the number pad fixed under a much smaller exterior screen.

Simply put, this patent points to a device that gives the option of rotating the keypad in parallel with the mobile whether it is in regular or widescreen mode.

The device is rumoured to be designed as a mobile communications gadget complete with 8-megapixel camera.

By Marie Boran