NYCI conference on cyberbullying and teens in Dublin today

23 Nov 2012

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) is today holding a conference on internet safety and cyberbullying in Dublin, with the aim of empowering teenagers to use digital and social media more safely.

The event, which is taking place at Science Gallery, has been given the name ‘Screenagers’ and comes in the wake of the deaths of two teenagers who took their own lives in recent months, with their deaths thought to have been linked to cyberbullying.

Speakers at today’s conference will include Prof Mona O’Moore, the director of the Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre at Trinity College Dublin; and Dr Brian O’Neill, who heads up Dublin Institute of Technology’s School of Media. He is a member of the management group for the EU Kids Online network.

There will also be workshops at today’s event around social media and exploring how young people engage online.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic