O2 reveals €49 subsidy plan for 3G iPhone

10 Jun 2008

O2’s Irish operations have unveiled a new price plan to go with the new 3G iPhone that will debut on 11 July, with prices starting from €49.

O2 revealed that the device will be available to pre-order in Ireland from 1 July.

Existing iPhone owners, who may feel they have overpaid and will miss out on the new devices, will be able to upgrade along with other O2 users eligible for an upgrade.

The 3G device will be available in an 8GB model and a 16GB model.

The 8GB iPhone 3G will cost €49 on the €100 monthly iPhone tariff, €99 on the €65 tariff and €169 on the €45 tariff.

The 16GB iPhone 3G will cost €129 on the €100 monthly tariff option, €169 on the €65 tariff and €299 on the €45 tariff.

O2 says that all iPhone tariffs include anytime minutes, texts and a 1GB data bundle.

In a separate announcement, O2 and Wi-Fi provider Bitbuzz have agreed to provide free Wi-Fi access to iPhone customers countrywide across Bitbuzz’s 155 national locations from 11 July.

The new iPhone comes with built-in GPS for location-based mobile services and iPhone 2.0 software that includes support for Microsoft Exchange, ActiveSync and can carry the hundreds of third-party software applications being built with the recently released iPhone Software Development Kit.

“The iPhone has already proved to be an extremely popular device with O2 Ireland customers since its launch in March and we anticipate a similar response to iPhone 3G when it goes on sale on 11 July,” said Danuta Gray, chief executive of O2 Ireland.

“O2 Ireland’s strategy continues to be to bring our customers the very best innovations and experiences in mobile communications. iPhone is changing the way people use their mobiles forever.”

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years