Office 2010 leaked, BitTorrented online

18 May 2009

While the official Office 2010 website has a look resembling a big Hollywood blockbuster release, complete with countdown to its pre-release technical edition this coming July, some internet users have skipped the waiting and counting, and gone straight to BitTorrent.

Although the new productivity suite was only released to a select handful of testers, so far it has already found its way onto several BitTorrent sites including and

This leak comes ahead of the sign-up process for hopefuls to be added to the waiting list for the Technical Preview this July, before the expected beta release some time later this year.

Office 2010, according to Microsoft, will run on Windows XP as well as Vista and Windows 7, or indeed any computer that is capable of running the current Office 2007.

The main difference between Office 2010 and 2007 is that it is expected to be much more social and include web apps. In other words, it looks like we can expect social-networking integration, perhaps with Facebook or Twitter.

By Marie Boran

Pictured: leaked screenshot of Outlook 2010