Over-simplified app Yo rolls out profile updates

12 Aug 2014

The simple app Yo has expanded its services from just push notifications to featuring major social integration and the creation of profiles.

The major update to the iOS app will be the first since Yo baffled users and tech writers alike for its seemingly over-simplified function of only being able to send a notification to someone with the word ‘Yo’.

Now, The Verge reported, the update includes the ability to add personal details to form a profile, as well as the introduction of hashtags which, when created, is ranked much in the same way as Twitter trends, but is based off the number of ‘yos’ it receives.

While hardly a revelation in terms of technical advancement, the app’s inclusion of social elements has been considered critical to its future success from both a user and marketing point of view.

For companies, the Yo Index is a vital improvement, whereby users can now find an index of the companies and services signed up to Yo rather than searching through individual websites for Yo integration.

Finally, with Yo Link, a person sending a Yo notification will be able to include a link with a yo to send the receiver to a web page.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic