Palm Pre expected to launch ahead of iPhone 3.0

8 May 2009

Leaked Sprint documents suggest that the US telecoms firm will be launching the Palm Pre in North America in early June, ahead of Apple launching its eagerly awaited iPhone 3.0 in mid-June.

An internal Sprint document showing an itinerary for Sprint executives around the launch day for Palm Pre, scheduled for 12pm on Friday 5 June, fourth weeks’ hence, was published on The Boy Genius Report today.

The three-day itinerary includes a hardware review, a Sprint presentation, a launch lunch, head-to-head training and a study of the operating system described as ‘An OS Above the Rest’.

Interestingly, there’s also a meeting for senior management only, entitled ‘Manager Concerns’.

Palm, which this year saw a 73pc decline in revenue, is placing a lot of hope in the hotly anticipated Pre to reverse its fortunes.

“The much-anticipated launch of the Palm Pre remains on track for the first half of calendar year 2009, but, as expected, we’ve got a difficult transition period to work through,” said Palm President and chief executive officer Ed Colligan in March.

By John Kennedy