Palm woos software developers

7 May 2003

Handheld manufacturer Palm has launched a big push to get software developers behind its platform. The company’s software subsidiary PalmSource yesterday introduced a software toolkit, announced a partnership with Research in Motion (RIM) and rolled out a special program for enterprise developers.

The new toolkit is aimed at developers for newer Palm devices based around the ARM processor and Palm OS 5. The Fast ARM Solutions Toolkit (FAST) is designed to provide a straightforward path toward upgrading current applications and creating new ARM applications for Palm OS 5 that will also be compatible with future versions of the Palm operating system. The toolkit includes the Palm OS Debugger (POD), runtime libraries and integrated development tools. Metrowerks’ Code Warrior 9.2 integrated development tool will offer comprehensive support for FAST native application development and allows debugging using an enhanced debugger nub.

PalmSource also introduced the Palm OS Business Solutions Program, designed to help Palm OS developers to strengthen their position in the enterprise market by aligning with the Palm OS platform. The program will allow developers specifically targeting enterprises to submit their applications to a series of tests that, once passed, will validate the application as ‘enterprise-ready.’ By connecting independent software vendors with Palm OS licensees, systems integrators and other strategic partners, the Palm OS Business Solutions program aims to cut developers’ time to market and present new channels for revenue.

PalmSource and RIM also announced they will work together to market and promote the BlackBerry Connect, a push-based email and data services solution for Palm-powered handhelds and smartphones. Through RIM’s BlackBerry Connect licensing program, Palm OS licensees will be offered RIM’s software solution for Palm-powered devices, that will enable behind-the-firewall email and corporate data connectivity.

By Dick O’Brien