Panasonic cancels ‘Jungle’ portable gaming console

1 Mar 2011

Panasonic has said it will no longer be developing the ‘Jungle’, a handheld online gaming system.

According to Reuters, Panasonic has suspended further development because of “changes in the market and in our own strategic direction.”

The Panasonic Jungle was going to have shoulder buttons, a touch pad, a d-pad and a QWERTY keyboard.

It was focused on the online gaming market, with the first game said to be Bigpoint’s Battlestar Gallactica MMO.

However, many analysts were sceptical the new device would have much of an impact on the portable market. Recently, mobile gaming has seen a lot of success and big-name gaming companies, such as Sony and Nintendo, have recently announced impressive new portable offerings.

Panasonic was previously involved in the gaming industry with the 3DO in 1993.