Panasonic launches new HD camcorder range

12 Jan 2011

Panasonic has launched a new range of HD camcorders, offering optional 3D filming capabilities and using an Advanced 3MOS System for improved image quality.

The four new models – the HDC-TM900, HDC-HS900, HDC-SD900 and HDC-SD800 – all feature an Advanced 3MOS System. This combines the Leica Dicomar Lens, the 3MOS Sensor and Crystal Engine Pro.

The F1.5 Leica Dicomar lens suppresses ghosts and flaring, along with minimising the distortion and degradation of contrast and resolution.

The sensor separates the light received through the lens into the three primary colours – red, green and blue – and processes each one independently. This allows it to offer improved colour quality, detail and gradation in the images captured.

The Crystal Engine PRO processes the data required for full HD (1,080p) film, providing crisp and clear motion in the image.

The range provides the ability to shoot in 3D with an option 3D conversion lens, the VW-CLT1.

Panasonic has also improved the optical image stabilisation system on this range of camcorders.

All four camcorders feature 3.5-inch LCDs with touchscreen functionality. The screen displays include a ‘Touch Zoom’ function to offer stable zooming while recording. The user can touch an indication on the LCD to activate slow zooming. The ‘Touch Shutter’ option lets the user touch on a subject to focus and take a still picture.

All four Panasonic camcorders will be available from February 2011, costing from €1,049.