Panasonic unveils its Life+Screen range of TVs at CES 2014

8 Jan 2014

The line of 4K TVs just keep on coming at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, as Panasonic unveils its new range of TVs with a focus on personalised user interface, including one ultra HD model and other HD models.

With the Life+Screen range of TVs, Panasonic’s focus will be on customers’ personal choices and will analyse their viewing habits to suit accordingly.

The software follows its previous ‘My Home Screen’ interface with an even more intuitive algorithm which can determine individual users and can be set up on individual profiles.  

By pressing the ‘My Button’ button on the remote control, you alert the Life+Screen that you like the kind of content you are currently viewing, and will then begin to build up your profile.

When you have built up your profile, the interface will show recommended films and shows from cable, terrestrial broadcast and VOD, which are all presented within the same interface, allowing users to view the content they want to see without having to worry about the source.

Recorded content, home movies, family photos, web pages and online videos are also included in the ‘My Stream’ interface.

4K model

Panasonic’s flagship TV in the Life+Screen series is its 4K AX800 Series TV, which will be followed up by three smaller ones in the 1080p HD range.

Shown off at this year’s CES, the range of TVs will also feature a number of different built-in features that are becoming increasingly common in the smart TV market.

The TV will feature a sensor bar that will automatically wake from standby mode when it senses somebody nearby and will display useful information graphically, such as the time, date and weather using a feature known as the Info Bar.

It also features voice recognition for those of us who find the idea of using their disposable thumbs to change the channel as archaic.

Once again, cloud storage and sharing has been given a massive push by companies this year and Panasonic will be entering the field with its ‘My Home Cloud’ service, which will let users form a network to share information and content with smartphones and PCs. For example, an online video link bookmarked at a person’s workplace would also be reflected on his or her TV in the living room and will display in his or her My Stream when he or she gets home.

The new range of TVs will be become available this spring and prices for the 4K TV start at US$5,000 online.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic