PlayStation Plus arrives with software update

30 Jun 2010

With the arrival of version 3.40 of the PS3 system software, Sony has added new features, including the PlayStaion Plus subscription service and a video editor and uploader.

PS3 fans rejoice: your console of choice has received a refresh in the form of a system software update (v3.40) and this brings a few key additions that should jazz it up nicely.

Photo Gallery

You can now upload, browse and comment on photos on Facebook and Picasa through your PS3, and you can share photos with your PSN friends, plus print off images straight from the new Photo Gallery.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is a new subscription service on the PlayStation Network (PSN) that promises to enhance your gaming experience with exclusive access to gaming features, functionality and content. One can only imagine that this will work well with LittleBigPlanet 2.

Video Editor and Uploader

A new feature that you will see added to the navigation menu on your PS3 is the Video Editor and Uploader. What this now means is that you can load video from your digital camera or other USB device onto the PS3 and from there edit, save and upload footage of your keyboard-playing cat onto Facebook and YouTube.

Five-Star Rating Support

Did you like that game you just downloaded from the PlayStation Store or was it incredibly lame? Now you can express your (dis)approval through the new five-star rating system after your purchase.

Power Save Settings

If you’re uploading or downloading content or maybe want to leave music or video playing but you’d like to pop off to the shops or drop off to sleep you can do this now without leaving your PS3 running all night and day.

The Power Save Settings has a default setting for Auto-Off after two hours and you can also tweak these settings further.

Facebook Fun

In addition to the new features on the PS3 itself, there is now a new PSN app on Facebook where members can display their PSN profile on their Facebook account, find who amongst their Facebook friends also has a PSN account and send them a friend request, plus you can check their PSN online status and add the PSN tab to your own Facebook user profile.

These new features are in addition to the previous ability to publish your trophies and let people know what you’ve been buying on the PlayStation Store via Facebook.