PlayStation Vita to launch in Europe, US in 2012

4 Aug 2011

The PlayStation Vita will not be available in the US and Europe until 2012, said Sony Executive vice-president Kazuo Hirai.

The Associated Press reports Hirai said that while the PlayStation Portable successor will be launched in Japan by the end of the year, the US and Europe won’t see it until next year.

The delay means that the portable console will now miss the lucrative Christmas market in the west.

Hirai said the company wanted to have a solid list of games available at the PlayStation Vita’s launch. He also said they would not cut the price of the PlayStation Vita after Nintendo cut the price of its 3DS console.

The PlayStation Vita will have a 5-inch OLED display and dual analogue sticks. It will have a touch display at the front and a multi-touch pad at the back of the device.

Previously, Sony had said it would be released worldwide by the end of 2011.