Political leaders take part in Newstalk’s Digital Debate

22 Feb 2011

Voting is now open on Newstalk and YouTube’s Digital Debate. The debate put voters’ questions directly to the leaders of the main political parties and now viewers can decide which answer they like most.

The most popular answers and the overall ‘winner’ of the debate will be revealed on Thursday.

More than 1,700 questions were submitted. More than 25,000 votes were used to decide the top 10 questions to give to the leaders.

Questions submitted ranged from same-sex marriage to legalising cannabis, the Taoiseach’s pay, Ireland’s ghost estates and the blasphemy law. Popular topics included the economy (more than 439 questions), 408 questions on political reform and 158 questions on jobs.

Viewers can see responses to questions from the following categories: economy, jobs, health and education, political reform and other issues. The public vote on responses is open until 24 February, when the winner will be announced on Newstalk radio.

To vote, follow this link.
See the Digital Debate channel and party leader responses here.

Article courtesy of Businessandleadership.com