Price of PlayStation 3 drops at Gamestop

24 Aug 2011

Gamestop has introduced a number of Sony PlayStation bundles as a result of the console’s recent price reduction.

Last week Sony revealed social apps for the PlayStation Vita, dropped the price of the PlayStation 3 to €249.99 and revealed a new model of its current PSP – the PSP E-1000 – which will cost €99.99.

The Sony PlayStation 3 160GB Slim now costs €249.99, while the Sony PlayStation 3 320GB Slim is now €299.99.

GameStop’s premium bundle includes a PlayStation 160GB Slimline Console plus two games for only €279.99.

Games available for the bundle include Duke Nukem, FIFA 2011, Marvel V’s Capcom 3, Red Faction Armageddon, Hunted, Brink, Dungeon Siege 3, Homefront or Tomb Raider HD Trilogy.

Additional GameStop PlayStation 3 bundles are as follows:

·         PS3 160GB Slimline Console + A full price standard game for €279.99

·         PS3 160GB Slimline Console + A full price standard game + DualShock Controller for €324.99

·         PS3 320GB + Move Starter Pack or Sony 1st Party Game €299.99

·         Buy a Pre-owned PS3 Console and get 50% off any pre-owned PS3 Game From €199.99

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years