Product News: Combo LCD TV/PC, digital walkman and computer mouse

2 May 2006

This week we preview the Hantarex LCD TV and PC combo, Sony Flash Memory Walkman (pictured) and Creative computer mouse for high-performance gaming.

Hantarex WMC
What is it? LCD TV and PC combined
Price: Starts at €7,000

Italian manufacturer Hantarex has married a TV with a PC by integrating Windows XP Media Center 2005 software with its flat-panel screen — removing the need or a mess of wires connecting two discrete devices. The WMC lets you watch TV while recording a programme on a different channel because of a built-in double tuner. A range of inputs means that content can be viewed from a range of different sources. The display can also be used for browsing the web and downloading content for display on the large screen, which is available as a 40-inch or 46-inch LCD format.

Sony Flash Memory Walkman
What is it? Digital music player
Price: €89-€149

Can’t do without music for any length of time? Three minutes in a charger will give three hours of battery life to Sony’s latest Walkman digital music player range. The devices are based on flash memory technology and have capacities of 512MB (€89), 1GB (€119) and 2GB (€149) — roughly 22, 45 and 90 CDs respectively, Sony says. On a full charge, the battery gives a claimed continuous playback of around 27 hours. The stick format players are 79mm in length and weigh around 25g. They come in a range of colours: pink, violet and black, along with limited-edition blue, silver and lime green. An optional FM radio tuner is available for €10 extra on the 512MB and 1GB versions.

Creative Fatal1ty 1010
What is it? Computer mouse
Price: €49.99

Creative has retained the services of Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel — known as the Tiger Woods of computer gaming — to design a mouse with specific features for high-performance gamers. The mouse has a custom modular weight system that lets users adjust for different gaming environments. Resolution settings can be switched with a single click to offer faster response.
It’s claimed to have up to four times the accuracy of ordinary optical mice, with a 5.8-megapixel report rate and response speeds up to 15G of acceleration. The device has three main firing buttons for faster clicking and reaction times as well as a high-speed side-mounted thumb trigger along with a scroll wheel that has a programmable button function.

By Gordon Smith