Product News: laptop, phone, monitor

7 Mar 2006

We preview the latest product releases: Toshiba Tecra (pictured), Skype Cyberphone W and Dell 1907FP flat-panel screen.

Toshiba Tecra T5
What is it? Notebook computer
Price: starting from €1,630

The latest addition to Toshiba’s Tecra range is powered by Intel Centrino Duo, the dual-core processor for additional computing power. It also includes an NVIDIA Quadro chipset for powerful graphics and the notebook can be ordered with a 14.1in XGA or SXGA+ display.
The T5 offers more than three hours of standard battery life and up to eight hours with an extended battery. It can be ordered with up to 1024MB of RAM and a 40, 60 or 80GB hard drive. The notebook’s chassis is designed to protect the LCD screen and the hard drive from damage if the computer falls or suffers other kinds of impacts.
It also comes with a series of security features including a fingerprint reader and an anti-theft protection timer. A range of connectivity options are supplied with the T5 including integrated wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Gigabit Ethernet.

Skype Cyberphone W
What is it? Handset for making free phone calls
Price: €60 approx

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the Skype Cyberphone plugs into a PC’s USB port and uses the computer’s internet connection to make and receive low-cost phone calls using the popular telephony software.
Skype VoIP software is supplied with the two-piece unit. A desktop icon on the PC displays the Cyberphone W and Skype status.
By lifting the Cyberphone W handset the Skype application opens on the PC. A voice dialling option lets users say the name of their Skype contact and the call is automatically made.
The Cyberphone W handset rings and the LED flashes when incoming calls are received; ringtones can even be personalised by using sound files.
The handset manufacturer has also included a voucher which entitles the buyer to 30 minutes of free PC-to-phone calls anywhere in the world.

Dell 1907FP
What is it? Flat panel screen
Price: €506.99

Dell has introduced a new 19in flat panel display, the UltraSharp 1907FP. It’s pitched at professional graphic users, games enthusiasts and general consumers or professionals.
The monitor offers sharp text with vivid images and Dell claims that it has improved the specifications of the model with fast response times along with less smearing and ghosting – where the image on screen seems to have a ‘shadow’ – when compared with traditional flat panel displays.
The 1907FP has a high contrast ratio which improves the clarity and uniformity of colours; the highest resolution setting is 1280 x 1024.
Viewing angles of up to 130 degrees (vertical) and 140 degrees (horizontal) are possible.
The display is mounted on an ergonomic stand that can be swivelled, tilted and have its height adjusted according to the user’s needs.

By Gordon Smith